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Spy, Thriller, Africa, Terrorist, Espionage
Lies, Murder, Sex, Corruption, Betrayal

An Unfortunate Place to Die

Spy, Thriller, Africa, Terrorist, Espionage, Lies, Murder, Sex, Corruption, Betrayal


The Islamic terrorist group al Shabaab has overrun Somalia and is believed to be planning a major terrorist attack across the border in neighboring Kenya.  US officials are concerned the attack may be aimed at an American target in retaliation for recent drone strikes the US has been conducting against the terrorists.  As part of an all-out effort to thwart the attack, the US sends a young intelligence agent, Alex Morgan, to Mombasa, the center of Kenya’s Muslim community where al Shabaab is known to have a covert presence, to try to uncover information about the group’s plans.  But soon after he arrives, Alex and a young French woman he meets run afoul of both al Shabaab and the notoriously corrupt Mombasa police, causing Alex to wonder whether he has in fact been sent into a trap.  Caught in a web of terror and deceit, Alex and the young woman must somehow find a way out with their lives hanging in the balance.




The Fantasy Girl

An exciting murder-mystery that keeps you on edge. This book has it all - murder, mystery, thriller, sex and drugs.


A young woman’s bludgeoned body is found floating in the ocean off Cape Cod. Strikingly attractive with swimsuit model looks, the victim has left behind a string of male admirers, and is suspected of having had ties to a local drug dealer. Because of its lurid details, the crime receives broad media coverage, and the State Police are under intense pressure to find the killer. When they seek the assistance of the local police, Brian, a young cop who is still haunted by nightmares from his combat service in Iraq, volunteers to help with the investigation. But as he delves into the victim’s shadowy past, suspicions gradually begin to creep in about Brian and whether he may have in fact played a role in the young woman’s past himself. Struggling with his demons, Brian becomes trapped in a different kind of nightmare, this time one that is all too real. It is only the unmasking of the killer that finally unlocks the truth about Brian and about the beautiful young victim.


allan taylor the fantasy girl

Allan Taylor is an attorney and a decorated Army veteran. He lives in Boston with his family, and has a second home on Cape Cod. The Fantasy Girl is his first novel.



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fantasy girl

fantasy girl

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