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Spy, Thriller, Africa, Terrorist, Espionage
Lies, Murder, Sex, Corruption, Betrayal

An Unfortunate Place To Die - REVIEWS - 5 Stars


Outstanding thriller - Complex and unpredictable - I couldn’t stop reading to see how this interesting story played out. Highly recommend this book. ~ Bunsen



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The Fantasy Girl - REVIEWS - 5 Stars


One good way to enjoy your idyllic vacation on Cape Cod would be to bring along this entertaining murder mystery/psychological thriller, and see the Cape through the definitely non-idyllic viewpoint of a young policeman, still haunted by nightmares of combat in Iraq, as he tracks down the killer of a beautiful young woman. The brutal murder has shocked the little seaside town of New Salisbury, where such things are only read about in the Boston newspapers. The local police are desperate to arrest the murderer and reassure the public. But as he gets closer to the murderer, the policeman narrator’s nightmares start to intersect with the girl’s nightmarish murder. The author has done an excellent job of getting inside the narrator’s head, and has set the novel very realistically in the details of everyday working-class life on Cape Cod.~Amazon Verified


So a friend of mine recommended this book. I am a huge mystery fan from the likes of Parker, Paretsky, Grafton etc. I am up to page 50 and so far love the book. I especially like that it takes place on the Cape. I'm a Bostonian and spend alot of time at the Cape when I can. That angle in itself in a fun read.
Good plot and cool characters so far. ~Amazon Verified


This is a page-turner that you will not want to put down. The characters are described so well that you will recognize them in people you know. This book will be especially appreciated by anyone who has ever lived in a beach town. It is a promising first novel for Taylor who writes with amazing style. The mystery captivates you until the very end! ~Amazon Verified

The first book by this author, who is destined to become another John Grisham! Look forward to #2, #3, #4. etc ~Amazon Verfified